MicroSensor Technoogies,Inc.

MicroSensor Technologies (MST) is a California Corporation with offices in Newport Beach, CA. MST is engaged in developing quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) technologies for application to:

  • Aerospcae/Defense

Canine replacement – IED detection is an important global problem. Canines are currently the best detectors, however they are costly and require handling/training. MST develops sensors for this application.

  • Agriculture/Meat quality assessments

Quality of shipped meat is extremely important. Current methods of maintaining quality during transport include temperature control without any sensor monitoring. MST is developing sensors of this application.

  • Energy markets

Current gas pipelines are monitored for leaks using gas chromatographs. This is an important safety concern for oil and gas industry/platforms. MST is developing QCM sensors of this application.

  • BioSensing

Electronic olfactory sensing is a novel and growing area. Visual and auditory sensing technologies are abundant and mature however little has been done in the area of olfactory.  MST is developing sensors of this application. Numerous other areas include, detecting gene specific molecules, biologic passwords, etc.


  • Key Members

Michael P. Gokhale

  • Ph.D. in Condensed Matter Physics, MBA in Entrepreneurship
  • Expertise in managing complex technology development programs
  • Expertise in Inertial Navigation, Imaging, and Signal Processing
  • Former Boeing Company Executive and Hughes Aircraft Lead
  • Listed in Who’s Who in Science and Technology

Peter Taborek

  • Ph.D., UCI Distinguished faculty member, Chairman of Dept. of Physics, CalTech R. Millikan lecturer
  • Expertise in Sensors, Thin-films, Surface Phase-Transitions
  • Research Scientist at Bell Labs, Texas Instruments
  • Director Surface Science Institute, University of Cal, Irvine
  • Fellow of the American Physical Society

Kenneth J. Shea

  • Ph.D. and UCI Distinguished faculty, Chrmn. of Dept. of Chemistry
  • Expertise in Synthetic and Polymer Chem Materials, Nano Structures
  • Research Scientist DuPont Labs
  • Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement in Science
  • Fellow of the American Chemical Society

Karl Y. Yee

  • Ph.D. Theoretical Physics (general relativity)
  • Senior Technologist at JPL
  • Expertise in Micro / Nano devices and packaging
  • Expertise in resonant vibratory sensors and inertial sensors